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Trailhead Project: Improve Data Quality for a Cleaning Supply App / (2) Create a Formula Field

Issue: Followed steps as per - Create a Formula but unable to complete the challenge
Error: Step not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Formula in custom field 'Account Annual Revenue' is not correct. Check the instructions.

Any suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

An error occured verifying the Salesforce Trailhead challenge

Customize a Sales Path for Your Team
Work with opportunities in the kanban view


Error: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Couldn’t find filters for the opportunities with the correct information. Please double check the instructions.

Other strange things:
The Filter Logic is not mentioned.
I do not see the United Oil Plant Standby Generators opportunity/card
and i cannot save the list view...

Any idea's how to complete this challenge?

Thank you and regards, albert
The Salesforce1 Collaboration on the Go challenge doesn't work if you use https instead of http in the link you post Chatter, despite what the instructions say. Re-posting it with an http link solves the issue.

Error message

Screenshot of chatter post using https in link

Screenshot of instructions specifying https