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It looks to me like the insructions on part of this trail are out of order.  About halfway down you are creating the "handleCreateExpense" action handler. These are the instructions:
We’ll start with the handleUpdateExpense action handler. Here’s the code, and be sure to put it riiiiiight under the handleCreateExpense action handler.

It tells us to put it under the "handleCreateExpense" handler, but we haven't created that one yet.  The instructions to create it are further down in the instructions.  About another quarter of the way through we finally get to this:
Finally, for the last step, create the handleCreateExpense action handler in the expenses controller. Add this code right above or below the handleUpdateExpense action handler.​
Wanted to share since it caught me up for a bit.  Thought I had missed something in an earlier trail and went searching for it.