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We created a Visualforce page we need to open in Salesforce1 from the Field Service Lightning mobile app using an app extension. We also need to pass a URL parameter to this Visualforce page.

We are logged in both FSL app and Salesforce1 app with a partner community user through the partner community connection.
We tried with the following app extension first:
The GetLocation is the Visualforce tab linked to the Visualforce page we need to open.

It opened the Salesforce1 app but showed an error message: Insufficient Priviliges: You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.

We resolved this by changing the app extension to (FieldService is the community API name):
However, we noticed that the Id parameter is not passed to the Visualforce page.

Anyways, if we are logged in Salesforce1 with a standard Salesforce user and we need the first app extension, the parameter is passed succesffully:

The question is: What is the proper way to pass the parameter to Salesforce1 if we are logged in through the community connection?


I am implementing Live Agent in an environment using PersonAccounts. I am deploying it via snap-ins in Lightning. I use the snap-in prechat page with the Service Scenario - Associate chats with contacts and cases.

When using this, it works, but it shows Contact records instead of Account records (when using Person Accounts these are technically identical, but Contact page layout doesn't display the information I need and this information is on the Person Account page layout) and it also creates new contacts if the chat visitor is unkown - creating a new contact/account is not desired.

To display a PersonAccount record and not to create a new record if the visitor is unkown I use the following custom extraPrechatInfo and extraPrechatFormDetails:
embedded_svc.settings.extraPrechatInfo = [{"entityFieldMaps":[{"doCreate":false,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"LastName","isExactMatch":false,"label":"Last Name"},{"doCreate":false,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"FirstName","isExactMatch":false,"label":"First Name"}, {"doCreate":false,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"Email","isExactMatch":false,"label":"Email"}],"entityName":"Contact","saveToTranscript":"","showOnCreate":false},{"entityName":"Account","showOnCreate":false,"entityFieldMaps":[{"isExactMatch":true,"fieldName":"PersonEmail","doCreate":false,"doFind":true,"label":"Email"},{"isExactMatch":true,"fieldName":"Brand__c","doCreate":false,"doFind":true,"label":"VisitorBrand"}]},{"entityFieldMaps":[{"doCreate":true,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"Subject","isExactMatch":false,"label":"Subject"},{"doCreate":true,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"SuppliedEmail","isExactMatch":false,"label":"Email"}, {"doCreate":true,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"SuppliedName","isExactMatch":false,"label":"Last Name"},{"doCreate":true,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"Origin","isExactMatch":false,"label":"CaseOrigin"}],"entityName":"Case","saveToTranscript":"Case","showOnCreate":true}];
embedded_svc.settings.extraPrechatFormDetails = [{"label":"Last Name", "transcriptFields": ["Last_Name__c"]},{"label":"First Name", "transcriptFields": ["First_Name__c"]},{"label":"Subject", "transcriptFields": ["Subject__c"]},{"label":"Email", "transcriptFields": ["Email__c"]},{"label":"VisitorBrand","value":"2","transcriptFields":[],"displayToAgent":true},{"label":"CaseOrigin","value":"Chat","transcriptFields":[],"displayToAgent":true}];
It works fine in the DEV sandbox but in the TEST sandbox it doesn't search for the account if the chat is coming from a known visitr = existing account. No errors are visible in the debug logs.

Do you have an idea what might be causing this?
In the snap-in prechat form I am gathering First Name and Last Name fields of the chat visitor. I would need to concatenate these fields and pass them as a single value to the field SuppliedName [Text(80)] on Case using the embedded_svc.settings.extraPrechatInfo.

Is there a way how to achieve this please?

Right now I am passing only the Last Name which works, but I need to change this and pass the full name.

embedded_svc.settings.extraPrechatInfo = [{"entityFieldMaps":[{"doCreate":true,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"Subject","isExactMatch":false,"label":"Subject"},{"doCreate":true,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"SuppliedEmail","isExactMatch":false,"label":"Email"}, {"doCreate":true,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"SuppliedName","isExactMatch":false,"label":"Last Name"},{"doCreate":true,"doFind":false,"fieldName":"Origin","isExactMatch":false,"label":"CaseOrigin"}],"entityName":"Case","saveToTranscript":"Case","showOnCreate":true}];
Hello everyone,

our client gathered signatures and then generated a service report. Generated signatures were missing on the service report! I uploaded a picture for you to see.

User-added image

Please explain to me what happened or how to troubleshoot this. This is a serious problem for our client.

With regards
Developer Base

we want to import Translations for FSL Flows but unfortunatly the flows arent selectable in the translation workbench. How can we import them?


I am trying to use the " Dynamically Update Flow Screen Fields " feature which was deliveried in spring 17. https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/spring17/release-notes/rn_forcecom_flow_fieldrules.htm. but I cannot field rule in my visual flow at all. the sandbox is in spring 18 release. any ideas?