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Basically Im getting problem after problem, I had to make an Apex class to use as a coustom contoller which all worked well and then I proceeded to "try" and put it on live where I was stopped dead in my tracks because of code coverage after struggling for ages then finally getting an answer on the form I was able to achive 77% coverage. I went to upload to live again and then I got the error :-The error
After applying a work around my code coverage has dropped to 70% and im really struggling to get the coverage back upto the 75% threshold to even begin testing if the work around does the job. The testing still compleatly confuses me and Im an absolute begginer so I dont know how to format or develop in Apex too well as of yet. Was just hoping if somone can point me in the right direction for gaining the 75% required.

This is my 70% that is covered:-
User-added image  
Here is my Testing Class:-
 User-added image

Sorry if its super simple and I cant process it.