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Hi Team,

I have 5 Picklist fields, (Eg: A, B,C.D.E) If A value is YES, then I need to display B,C, D,E fields in VF page.

Till now, it is working fine.

If any value is selected in B,C, D,E and user changes his mind to set A value to NO, the values in B,C, D,E still holds, those are not becoming NONE.

Please find the code:
                <apex:outputLabel value="#10 {!$ObjectType.Survey__c.A}<br/><span class='noteText'><u>Note:</u> Live video (such as Skype) is considered transmitted data.</span>" styleClass="questionText" escape="false" /> <br/>
                <apex:inputField label="" value="{!survy.A__c}" style="width: 50%;">
                    <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="SurveyPageBlock" status="Stage" />

                <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!survy.A__c== 'Yes'}">
                    <apex:outputLabel value="#10-1 {!$ObjectType.Survey__c.fields.B__c.InlineHelpText}<br/><span class='noteText'><u>Note:</u> If PHI is de-identified by this solution/service, please select a range (do not select PHI is de-identified).</span>" styleClass="questionText requiredInput" escape="false" /> <br/>
                    <apex:inputField label="" value="{!survy.B__c}" />

                    <apex:outputLabel value="#10-2 {!$ObjectType.Survey__c.fields.C__c.InlineHelpText}" styleClass="questionText requiredInput" escape="false" /> <br/>
                    <apex:inputField label="" value="{!survy.C__c}" />

                    <apex:outputLabel value="#10-3 {!$ObjectType.Survey__c.fields.D__c.InlineHelpText}<br/><span class='noteText'><u>Note:</u> Fields/factors refers to MRN, Date of Birth, Gender, etc.</span>" escape="false" styleClass="questionText requiredInput" /> <br/>
                    <apex:inputField label="" value="{!survy.D__c}" style="width: 50%" />

                    <apex:outputLabel value="#10-3-0 {!$ObjectType.Survey__c.fields.E__c.InlineHelpText}" styleClass="redText" escape="false" /> <br/>
                    <apex:inputField label="" value="{!survy.E__c}" style="width:50%;" />


How to solve this?? TIA

  • August 31, 2018
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Hi Team,

I have 2 Objects, (Parent-abc__c & Child-CL__c) with loookup relationship.

There are 15 Picklist values in abc__c object.(eg: Country__c, State__c, Region__c, Gender__c.......)
There are 4 Fields in CL__c object(Old value, abc__c, NEW Value, action)

Now I want to create a child record(CL__c) if someone MODIFIES/UPDATES any of the 15 Picklist values.

The CL__c record must have the Old value as well as NEW value for user reference.

How to achieve this using trigger? any code samples? TIA

  • August 27, 2018
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I would like to clone records starting from a list view.

Right now I have a new custom list button, but with that I can not perform an action for a specific record in the list.


Is it possible to place a custom buttom in the 'action'-column (so next to Edit|Del)? If not, is there perhaps another solution to meet this demand?