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I am preparing for Developer 1 exam. As I am confused with below questions, it would be much helpful to find out the correct answer for them. My Answers are menioned in the brackets.

1.  Which requirement needs to be implemented by using standard workflow instead of Process Builder? Choose 2 answers.
             A.Create activities at multiple intervals.   (ANS)
             B. Send an outbound message without Apex code. (ANS)
            C. Copy an account address to its contacts.
            D. Submit a contract for approval.

2.  How can a developer refer to, or instantiate, a PageReference in Apex? Choose 2 answers
           A. By using a PageReference with a partial or full URL. (ANS)
           B. By using the Page object and a Visualforce page name. (ANS)
           C. By using the ApexPages.Page() method with a Visualforce page name.  
           D. By using the PageReference.Page() method with a partial or full URL.

3.  A developer has a single custom controller class that works with a Visualforce Wizard to support creating and editing multiple sObjects. The wizard accepts data from user Inputs across multiple Visualforce pages and from a parameter on the initial URL. Which statement is unnecessary inside the unit test for the custom controller?
            A. public ExtendedController(ApexPages.StandardController cntri) { }  
            B. ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters() put('input', 'TestValue);
            C. Test.setCurrentPage(pageRef);
            D. String nextPage = controller.save().getUrl(); (ANS)

4. A developer wants to display all of the available record types for a Case object. The developer also wants to display the picklist values for the Case.Status field. The Case object and the Case Status field are on a custom visualforce page. Which action can the developer perform to get the record types and picklist values in the controller? Choose 2 answers

           A. Use Schema.PIcklistEntry returned by Case Status getDescribe().getPicklistValues(). (ANS)
           B. Use Schema.RecordTypelnfo returned by Case.SObjectType getDescribe().getRecordTypelnfos()
           C. Use SOQL to query Case records in the org to get all the RecordType values available for Case.  (ANS)
           D. Use SOQL to query Case records In the org to get all value for the Status pickiest field.

5. An sObject named Application _c has a lookup relationship to another sObject named Position_c. Both Application _c and Position c have a picklist field named Status_c. When the Status c field on Position __c is updated, the Status_c field on Application _c needs to be populated automatically with the same value, and execute a workflow rule on Application c. Flow can a developer accomplish this?

      A. By changing Application c.Status_c into a roll-up summary field.
      B. By changing Application c.Status_c into a formula field.  (ANS)
      C. By using an Apex trigger with a DML operation.
       D. By configuring a cross-object field update with a workflow.

6. )   Which type of code represents the Controller in MVC architecture on the Force.com platform? Choose 2 answers

        A.JavaScript that is used to make a menu item display itself.
        B. StandardController system methods that are referenced by Visualforce.(ANS)
        C. Custom Apex and JavaScript code that is used to manipulate data. (ANS)
        D. A static resource that contains CSS and images.

7. A developer needs to provide a Visualforce page that lets users enter Product-specific details during a Sales cycle. How can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers

            A. Download a Managed Package from the AppExchange that provides a custom Visualforce page to modify.
            B. Create a new Visualforce page and an Apex controller to provide Product data entry.  (ANS)
            C. Copy the standard page and then make a new Visualforce page for Product data entry.
            D. Download an Unmanaged Package from the AppExchange that provides a custom Visualforce page to modify.  (ANS)

8.  The Review_c object has a lookup relationship up to the Job_Application_c object. The job_Application_c object has a master-detail relationship up to the Position_ object. The relationship field names are based on the auto-populated defaults What is the recommended way to display field data from the related Review_c records on a Visualforce for a single Position_c record?

          A. Utilize the Standard Controller for Position_c and cross-object Formula Fields on the Job_Application c object to display Review_c data.
          B. Utilize the Standard Controller for Position_c and a Controller Extension to query for Review _C data.
          C. Utilize the Standard Controller for Position_c and expression syntax in the Page to display related Review c data through the Job_Application_c object.
          D. Utilize the Standard Controller for Position_c and cross-object Formula Fields on the Review_c object to display Review_c data.   (ANS)

9.  On a Visualforce page with a custom controller, how should a developer retrieve a record by using an ID parameter that is passed on the URL?
             A. Use the constructor method for the controller.   (ANS)
             B. Use the $Action.View method in the Visualforce page.
             C. Create a new PageReference object with the Id.
             D. Use the <apex:detail> tag in the Visualforce page.

10. A developer creates an Apex helper class to handle complex trigger logic. How can the helper class warn users when the trigger exceeds DML governor limits?
           A. By using ApexMessage.Message() to display an error message after the number of DML statements is excel
           B. By using Messaging.SendEmail() to conthtinue the transaction and send an alert to the user after the number DML statements is exceeded.
            C. By using PageReference.setRedirect() to redirect the user to a custom Visualforce page before the number DML statements is exceeded.
             D. By using Limits.getDMLRows() and then displaying an error message before the number of DML statements exceeded. (ANS)

Thanks Much for the help in Advance