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what are things to ask a new client if they are Roll out to Lightning experience from classic?

I am looking for a sales and service cloud functional consultant from India. I am will to pay INR 1000 per hour. 

I am already a salesforce consultant myself and my intention is to project manage/engagement manage customers. I will do all the client side requirement gathering and solution design. What I am looking for is someone to configure the application. I will then do QA, UAT and handover

Must Have
Be currently salesforce certified - Admin 201, sales cloud, service cloud.
Good communication skills
Fluent in English
Can get things completed.

Hi All,

My best wishes.

I have overall 6.8 years of experience into non technical roles, Hoevwever I have started to learn salesforce and just loved it. Can someone guide me here on how can I build my career in this field.

Thanks alot,
what are things to ask a new client if they are Roll out to Lightning experience from classic?
Hi, guys!

I'm currently working in a project that is based in Health Cloud and there is a need to use the HL7 standard. The documentation https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.health_cloud_object_reference.meta/health_cloud_object_reference/hl7_parsing.htm?search_text=rest says that we can send a message to the endpoint https://login.salesforce.com/services/apexrest/HealthCloudGA/HL7 . I've succesfully requested a token and tried to send a message, but it returns a parse error. I'm looking for an example of HL7 request in api format, does anybody has experience in this subject?

Best regards
If I try to create Vivian Torres, as an Account with Record Type, Individual, I get an error message:

"FinServ.AccountTrigger: execution of BeforeInsert caused by: FinServ.MoiExceptionWrapper.ValidationException: The Individual record type isn't available. Contact your administrator for help. (FinServ)"