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Hi everyone,
I'm an admin that just made their first succesfull http callout. In this case, to netsuite. Authentication was acheived by setting the header with NLAuth details. I would like for my next step to be to Authenticate with OAuth, which I think Netsuite refers to as token based authentication. 

There are few examples out there that I was able to find in blogs on how to do basic authentication, but nothing on OAuth. 

So, I am just wondering if there is anybody out there who has done it that might be willing to answer some further questions. 
We are trying to automate regression testing using Selenium web driver. Issue we are facing is that element Ids are getting randomly generated and Selenium is not able to identify elements.
We have tried putting unique Ids using aura:id for such elements but still these Ids are not coming up in console.
Classes are getting generated randomly.
XPATH is also not working.