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Hello All,  

I'm new to the salesforce and recently tried adding Advanced Code Searcher extension to the chrome but I couldn't see it in the left panel under quick find box. All I can see is the Developer Utilities above the recent items in my Developer Org. Is there anything else that I could do to fix this. Please help me out. Thank you.
Hi Team,

1. What does the salesforce.com sharing model determines? (select all that apply)
 a) who has access to records
 b) which tabs that can access records through
 c) what level of access to records
 d) why they have access to records

2) A log of the last 20 changes will be kept when a custom objects 'Track field history' checkbox is checked?
 a) True
 b) False

3) You want to configure your app to handle your company's warranty policy. which kind of custom metadata type most closely fits this scenario?
 a) Business ruels
 b) Master data
 c) Mapping
 d) This solution is not a good application for custom metadata types

4) Which statements are true about modifiable system fields? (Select all tthat apply)
 a ) works for all custom objects
 b) only available for users with the standard system admin profile
 c) only accessble through api
 d) modifiable systemfields setting can be turned on and off by administrator
 e) read-only for existing records.

5) Field types for history tracking? (select all that apply)
 a) text (encrypted)
 b) lookup relation ship
 c) text area (long)
 d) text area (rich)
 e) picklist (multi select)

Please give me the answers for above questions?


Universal con needs a field on the account to track how many opportunities are closing within the next 30 days. What can be used?

A. Workflow rule
B. Roll-up summary field
C. Process builder
D. Apex code
I'm looking for the best way to accomplish assigning a permmision set when a new user is created without me having to manually do it. I'd like to do this via flow/process builder but I'm not having luck with that. Anyone have any insite or suggestions on how to do this task?

During a batch apex job I have noticed the number of Total Batches is changing, lowering. It starts high and then as the job progresses the number starts to lower. It would also appear that the batch apex job is missing some of the records that should have been originally queried and are never being processed by the batch apex class.


Here are some images showing the drop as the batch job progresses:

1670 Total Batches


1623 Total Batches


1527 Total Batches after complete


The difference is 143 batches or 29,000 records which is exactly how many records are not being processed.


This is bizarre. Any ideas?