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I'm working on the below link trailhead. 

I'm not able to understand what's needs to be done on the step 2. 

1.Create a new Lightning component named myEverythingComponent
2. Add this static text to the component: I'll have one with everything
3. Add each resource type to the component, by clicking Create for each resource type: Controller, Helper, Style, Documentation, Renderer, Design, SVG

can someone please assist me on this? 

Create a formula field that returns an image to indicate data quality.
Sales Managers have asked for an at-a-glance solution to see completeness on leads. Create a helper formula field that looks at 5 key fields on the Lead object and evaluates their completeness, then a second formula field that references the helper formula and returns an image.The helper formula field should be on the Lead object with a name of 'Lead Quality Helper' and a resulting API name of 'Lead_Quality_Helper__c'.
The helper formula should be of type Number.
The helper formula should evaluate the following 5 fields: Email, Phone, Company, Title, and Industry and return 0 if blank and 1 if not blank. The formula should then add all the values together to return a total value.
The image formula should be on the Lead object with a name of 'Lead Quality' and a resulting API name of 'Lead_Quality__c'.
The image formula should reference the helper formula, and return an image based on the number returned by the helper formula. The helper formula should be of type Text. Note: All of these images are already available in your Developer Edition.

1 = /img/samples/stars_100.gif with alternate text '1 star'
2 = /img/samples/stars_200.gif with alternate text '2 stars'
3 = /img/samples/stars_300.gif with alternate text '3 stars'
4 = /img/samples/stars_400.gif with alternate text '4 stars'
5 = /img/samples/stars_500.gif with alternate text '5 stars'

If none of the fields are filled out, the default should be /img/samples/stars_000.gif with alternate text '0 stars'.
The 'Lead Quality' formula must be added to the Lead Layout page layout.Check Challenge

Lead Quality (Text) =
IMAGE("/img/samples/stars_100.gif","1 star"), IF(Lead_Quality_Helper__c=2, IMAGE("/img/samples/stars_200.gif","2 stars"), IF(Lead_Quality_Helper__c=3, 
IMAGE("/img/samples/stars_300.gif","3 stars"), 
IMAGE("/img/samples/stars_400.gif","4 stars"), 
IMAGE("/img/samples/stars_500.gif","5 stars"), 
IMAGE("/img/samples/stars_000.gif","0 stars"))))))

Lead Quality Helper (Number) =

I can't see what I am doing wrong. Everything works just fine but I keep getting this error. 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Lead object does not display the formula fields correctly. Tip: check the requirements again and make sure you have the correctly forumlas and their values.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
When prompted by the apex data loader I enter my salesforce.com username and password, but this message keeps appearing:

Error logging in to Salesforce. Please check your username and password.

When I login to salesforce.com with the same username and password it works.

Does anyone know why I can't login to the data loader?

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  • December 11, 2007
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