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Hi all, got a weird issue.  I'm trying to test run some batch apex in my sandbox using the developer console to schedule immediate runs and I'm hitting a weird issue.


I'm trying to query a custom currency field caled Total_Won_This_Year__c but it's not being returned in my results.  I'm on the standard System Administrator profile so I should have no access problems with regard to field level security (which is set to editable anyway), the query runs and doesn't error out but when I try to access the field I get null exceptions and when I look in the debug logs I see the field isn't in the results.  I'm on the Enterprise Edition.


atrb.query = 'SELECT Id, CurrencyIsoCode, Total_Won_This_Year__c FROM Account';
return Database.getQueryLocator(query);
DEBUG|query = (Account:{CurrencyIsoCode=EUR, Id=001e0000004pCLSAA2}

Anyone know why I'd be having this issue?  I need to query the field and update a value and I'm using a batch so I can run it monthy.