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User-added image

As per above screen-shot i had inserted data in Former Employer2. I am getting Experience but i am not getting Total Experience. If i am inserting data in Former Employer1 than i am getting both Experience and Total Experience. If any solution is there please help me to solve this.
I have a very basic question. Through Force.com developer console I created a new apex class..say xyz.apxc then I wrote my code and saved my class..now I want to run that class using Developer console.. how I can do that..? Please tell me how can I use System.debug to  execute my class...What will be the steps..?
Hi all , 
I had a requirement to calcualte number of holidays betwwn two days using Business hours Holidays.
Any one can provide the code for it.

Thanks in advance.



I want to set default value for Required field of standard object. Before insert trigger is not working on that. Help me.


Eg: There is Last name in Lead, which is required field, what my business requirement is when i click on save without entering the field value in "Last Name",trigger would update "XYZ" value in that standard field.


Hope my requirement is clear. any help would be appreciated.





We need to develop CRM for a hospital. There are 15 doctors and 4 branches of the hospital. There are 4 telecallers, who get the leads(the patients). They create an appointment. The doctor should be able to see his appointments(either via email or by logging in, whichever is better).


For this currently I have created an app in my Force free edition(for testing). I have renamed Accounts as Hospital, Contact - Patient and Doctors are the users(with Role=Doctor). The appointment are treated as events, hence I have overridden New Event by VF page. I have also created a custom VF tab named Appointments, which shows this months calendar.

I need to block the calendar for each event so that another appointment doesn't override any appointment(I may need to write a trigger)


Please suggest me if you have better suggestion than this approach since its becoming complex for me.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.