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I have a requirement where i need to delete few Account records from my Production and do backup for them in seperate sandbox.Backup of Accounts should also include all its related lists data including ATTACHMENTS.Am unable to export& backup attachments on those specific records that are to be deleted.

I did "Data Export" and also i exported through Data Loader using "Attachments" Object but i couldn't get any files except their Id's.

Can Someone help with your valuable suggestions?
My customers want to export special data from Salesforce to local windows server daily. They are using Dataloader in the manual way to export data every day. But they want to save human resource by creating a tool which auto export data every day without any extra actions. I am doing the Dataloader Windows command line but I have some question: 
- Can I do many actions in one process-conf.xml file? The system will be extended and many data from many objects need to be backup every day.
- Is it good to run with many users and many servers?
- There is any better coding solution?
What org used for that?  
What type of testing done on backups?
Is testing done on particular objects or the whole backup is restored to an org for testing?

Dear community,

Does anyone know if when OneDrive is linked to salesforce, is there a possibility to save files to OneDrive and not only read files from it? For me, it's just an external source and we cannot save documents to OneDrive

Thanks in advanced for your kind help

Best Regards,

Roniel Navarro
Hi All,

We are looking to integrate salesforce with onedrive for storing attachemnts. We have a file upload option in VF page, once user selects file and upload then file should be store in onedrive and a link has to be provided in salesforce custom object. Is there any examples/steps available for this process.

Thanks in Advance!!