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Hi Admins and Developers! What's up?

I'm learning Einstein Analytics and it is my first Superbadge, so I've some questions about it:
1) This first step we need to create a chart that show churn rate from quarter, I'm lost in 5º step, I really don't know how to do this requires to this chart. 

I'm grateful for help!

User-added image
Hi there, can anyone help with the trail head challenge I am stuck with? I have tried all the solutions given in the forum. 

My problem is, even when there is a notification, I am getting this error. I have double checked the name i am giving the notification, the amount and other checks that have been given in the challenge. I have tried creating and deleting this notification several times with different time for notifying. I received an email only twice and the notification sign on the DE showed a notification twice only. I am getting the an error even when there is a notification. Any help from you is highly appreciated. Thanks for your time and patience. User-added image
Completed the challenge.  Added the notification (see attached image) in the Wave developer org.  It looks like it did not save the first time.  Added the notification a 2nd time, as shown in screen capture. User-added image