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I have written an Apex REST service, that is accessed via a SFDC site and is accessed anonymously. A recent change (not sure if a user changed something or if the change was on SFDC's side) resulted in the result set returning zeros records. All the API does is perform a SOQL query and return a result. When hitting the API without authentication, I recieve a status of 200 but zero records returned. If I include authentication, I recieve a 200 with records returned.  This worked, without authentication, as of a week ago. The odd thing is that there is no security error... the response is a 200 error. The only difference between the two cases is sending the request with authentication, and the response with that authentication returns records, the others does not. 

Note, the record being queried is a 'case.'

Do you have any ideas how to configure SFDC so that a record is returned (without authentication)?
  • August 25, 2017
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How can i get the unixtimestamp value of a date from salesforce?


I need to pass the date value as unixtimestamp to flot graph library.




  • January 14, 2011
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