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My requirement - want to delete my old custom profile ,So i want to remap to all user  to another profile ,So one shot i need to remap all user to some other profile .can you please help on this
Is there any way to display related list as a field. Isntead of displaying it in a section, can I display as a custome field to show those enteries
List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage> mails = new List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage>();
List<ID>ownerids=new List<ID>();

List<String> sendTo = new List<String>();
List<User>users=new List<User>();

for (case mycase : Trigger.new) {

    case oldcon = Trigger.oldMap.get(mycase.Id)
 if (mycase.ownerid != oldcon.ownerid ) {

     ownerids.add(oldcon.ownerid) ; 


   users=[select name,id,email from user where id in:ownerids];
    for(User u:users){



    Messaging.SingleEmailMessage mail = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
mail.setSenderDisplayName('Email alert');
mail.setSubject('Owner change');
String body = 'Dear User Owner changed';
Hi trying to figure out what is the best way to either copy/move attachments from the case object to the account object?

Can this be achived either by a trigger or using the process builder or visual flow?

We are facing an issue when shifting tabs from lightning to standard and vice versa. The issue is, it gets hanged up when shifting between the tabs and it doesnt load any of the components in that tab.

Has anybody faced this kind of issue earlier. Request you to kindly help us with the same. 

I need to Create a VFPage for Survey Custom Object and host it publically with Case and contact ids and allow users out side salesforce to submit the survey
Is it possible to copy the matrix values of a Dependent picklist from one object to another ?
Hi Folk,

I have needed to create a link and provide to someone to get login in my salesforce org.


Hi, it is possible to modify UI in salesforce app?

For example, I'd like to override search action (magnifying icon) with custom visualforce code.

I know that I can add custom tab with my custom page, I'd like to override "default" elemets in existed official salesforce mobile app.

I'm looking for a Chatter Report that can show post, like, and comment by date. Chatter Activity is a good source but it doesnt have an option to show date. I came across this Chatter Activity Summary https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.chatterapi.meta/chatterapi/connect_responses_chatter_activity_summary.htm. It looks like it might be able to show the chatter activity date. Does anyone know how to get and install it?

I have a requirement where i need a opportunity related task to appear under related opportunity's account and contact but i am able to see it only under related account and not under related contact.Can someone tell what is going wrong here and is it possible to achieve this using a process builder ?

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help me with a rather odd request.

I know it's not the done thing, but sometimes we'll have advisors pick up other advisor's cases if they're absent (say for example the owner is on holiday or sick) and reply to a customer in order to close the case.

As part of our Email QA, we run a custom report which looks at all of the cases which were opened and closed in the current week. The only issue is that it is sometimes bringing up cases where there is more than one advisor sending an email.

Does anyone know of a formula which would prevent this happening please? I'm assuming it would be a formula on the case itself which would then set a tickbox field to be true if all of the email senders are equal to the case owner, then find the value to be true, but I'm all out of talent now :D

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  1. Tried with Apex : gets "DML Not supported error"
  2. Tried with Workbench REST Explorer gets following error :
message: entity type cannot be inserted: User Presence

Any help is appreciated, Basically i am trying to build a lightning component for users to go offline from MOBILE
Tried both Javascript API and OmniChannelToolKit, Both does not work outside service console
I am having some errors in the below code for the trigger to update contact address with Account Address using apex controller

public class ContactUpdateAccountAddress {
    public static void updatecontacts(List<Contact> contactlist){
    public static void updateAddressToContacts(List<Contact> contactlist){
        set<id> accIds = new set<id>();
        list<account> updAccaddr = new list<account>();
        for(contact con : contactlist){
        list<account> acclist = [select id,BillingStreet,BillingCity,BillingState,BillingPostalCode,BillingCountry,(select id,MailingStreet,MailingCity, MailingState,MailingPostalCode,MailingCountry from contacts) from account where id in : accIds];
        for(Account acc : updAccaddr) {
        for(Contact con : contactlist){
           con.MailingStreet =  acc.BillingStreet ;
        update contactlist;

trigger ContactUpdateAccountAddressTrigger on Contact (before insert, after update, after delete) {
    if(trigger.isInsert && trigger.isbefore){
Dear Folks,

Facing an error while deploying Chat Button. Routing type is Omni channel queues. But the error is showing related to Skill.
Routing type is Omni channel queues

What am i missing?
Hi All,

  I have some basic questions.
1. Using Grant Access Hierarchies or Role Hierarchy, the user can grant access to the role above the hierarchy. But what if the user in above the hierarchy wants to grant access to below the hierarchy or lower level.
e.g A (CEO)
      B ( Manager)
      C ( Sales rep)
In this case, how do B can share the record to c? Do we use Sharing rules for this requirement?

2. If there are 100 users in one profile1 and 100 users in another profile2. How to restrict the record access from each other. Profile1 should not see Profile2 records and same with Profile2 should not see Profile1's records.

Any ideas on this?

I have been using data loader every day to upload 4 files to SalesForce.  Recently I was given a new computer, I am still able to upload two files but two others are failing.  The two that are failing use a procedure by third party to create a .csv file on my computer where it merges data with the owner id from Sales Force.  Based on what I can see the .CSV fails are failing to be created like they were on my old computer.  Another person at our company had the same .bat and .xml files to run the prodcedure and it works fine.

I thought it might have something to do with the User Account Settings but they are the same as my old computer, and even though they were the same I changed them to "Never Notify" and rebooted but this didn't help.

Any thoughts?  I assume its a setup issue because the same prodcedure works fine on a different computer.  I am using version 37.0.0 which is the same version as the computer that does work.

I have parent objet ParentX and child object childY.
I want to have related list of ChildY on parentX records.

My question is, i need tocreate lookup on child or parent ?

Hi all,

I am learning little by little with all experiences in projects in the last week.
One of them: Our Development team built a trigger that lets an external system synchronize the account address to their contact addresses and validates with an error message if any user tries to update the contact addresses. After deploying it to the Production environment, users could not create contacts anymore.

We spent time analyzing what was going on and found out there were workflows overlapping the trigger in the way that any user can update the contact addresses through the respective account. Workflows were given everytime a Contact record is created or updated.

And here my question, is this problem with the workflows something we could have avoided? could we have foreseen this conflict between the workflows and the trigger?. We didn't know that these workflows existed as these were built by another admin who then left the project.
>>Mensaje para comunidad en Ingles:

Hello Developer community - I have a question regarding access to a custom button "New" we have created on a custom object called "Solicitudes ". This button pulls up a visualforce page that allows the user to create a new record for this object.

The problem I am facing is that unless the system permission labeled: "View Setup and Configuration" is enabled at the profile level, the user can see this custom button. But having this option enabled also seem to grant them with the ability to access the setup menu and view the org's Configuration.

If I uncheck "View Setup and Configuration" the user is not able to see the "New" button.

>>Mensaje para conmunidad en Español:

Hola comunidad de desarrolladores: tengo una pregunta relacionada con el acceso a un botón personalizado "Nuevo" que hemos creado en un objeto personalizado llamado "Solicitudes". Este botón abre una página de fuerza visual que le permite al usuario crear un nuevo registro para este objeto.

El problema al que me enfrento es que, a menos que el permiso del sistema etiquetado: "Ver configuración y configuración" esté habilitado en el nivel de perfil, el usuario puede ver este botón personalizado. Pero tener esta opción habilitada también parece otorgarles la posibilidad de acceder al menú de configuración y ver la Configuración de la organización.

Si desactivo "Ver parametros y configuración", el usuario no puede ver el botón "Nuevo".
Problem statement: Internship attendance defaulters list.
Input: Give the details of absentee and leave for all the teams one by one every day. 
Output: Get the defaultee list i.e. interns having less than 60% attendance.
Detailed description:  The SSN corporation has 8 teams mananging interns. Each intern stays in a team for not more than a month.  The lead for each team would enter the detail of absentee(uninformed) and leave(informed).  I am planning to use contacts for storing the details of interns and accounts for teams.  The management needs detail of intern defaulters at any date for that month. Any further inputs is much appreciated.   Many Thanks in advance!
Is it possible to have two different lead conversion processes available at the same time? If so, could we make the Lead conversion process similar to Record Types where either the user can select which conversion process to take or we can determine who gets which process through permissions?

We have created an app that works great with the standard lead conversion process. But, the customer is using NPSP and is using the NPSP lead conversion process which causes our app to throw an error on lead conversion: Error: ConvertLead failed. First exception on row 0; first error: INVALID_STATUS, invalid convertedStatus: Open - Not Contacted: [Status]
The e-mail to case agent link https://developer.salesforce.com/website/emailagent.zip is not working.

Does anyone know if it is possible to manage email responses in a way that they can auto-attach to an existing case using OnDemand EmailToCase?
How do I show the campaign name in the opportunity record under lead information fields, Other fields that I wanted I mapped them and they are visible

Here, I want the campaign name to be in the lead information section on the opportunity page when the lead is converted

Any suggestions here

So far These are the steps done

Step 1: Create a custom field on the lead --> Campaign_Name__c
Step 2: Create an Apex class to populate this^ field with Campaign Name
public class  CampmemTriggerhelper{

public static void CampmemTrigger(list<CampaignMember> lstcmp){

          set<Id> leadIds=new set<Id>();
       list<Lead> lstleads=new list<Lead>();
       map<Id,string> mapLeadIdByCampaign=new map<Id,string>();

       for(CampaignMember c:[Select Id,LeadId,Campaign.Name from  CampaignMember where ID IN:lstcmp]){

       for(Lead l:[Select Id,Campaign_Name__c from Lead where Id in :leadIds]){

         update lstleads;


Step 3: Create an Apex Trigger on Campaigns to call that^ class
trigger CampmemTrigger on CampaignMember(after insert){


Step 4: Now that you have the Campaign Name field on Lead populating Campaign Name, use this field to map the field on Opportunity.

I am not sure of which object should we have the trigger on? and if the value is on the field I can map it to newly created field on opportunity but where should the trigger be