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Hi Everyone,

I would like to know can we return Multiple datatypes from single method in apex, Can anyone please help me .

I created a process builder flow for an email alert and added it to our package. When I tried to deploy the change to another developer org (using ant), I'm encountering the below error.

[sf:deploy] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[sf:deploy] Component Failures:
[sf:deploy] 1.  flows/Complaint_Email_Notification-8.flow -- Error: myRule_1_A1 (Action Call) - We can't find an action with the name and action type that you specified.
[sf:deploy] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I came across this know issue that seems like the same issue I'm facing, but says it's fixed.

Seems like the myRule_1_A1 is the API name given to the flow components in the background.

Has anyone run into this issue?