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My intention is to take full data back of my SF Production instance. I have few million records in Account objects, few million records in Contact objects, few million records in other objects as well. While taking an extract through data loader; I encountered problem like only 1 million records can be written to CSV. 
I am planning to use Weekly Export Service provided by Salesforce.
Will it be taking the full backup?
I am actually short of time and wanted to take full backup at the earliest your inputs would be help me 
Is there a way to make a daily backup of all the information saved in Salesforce?
Similar to the .zip you can get either monthly or weekly back up, but on a daily basis.

There's a limit to the exports you can make and usually you get the following message if you try to speed up the export process.

Your export has been queued. You will receive an email notification when it is completed.
I would like to take backup of all my salesforce data including Profiles, Roles, Users, Sharing rules, templates, record types, objects, fields, validation rules, workflows, apex classes, visualforce pages. in short EVERY Thing as we are going to stop using salesforce temporarly, such that i can use this backup in future on a vanilla (NEW) salesforce instance. 

What should be the procedure.

Thanks in Advance.
I found out that the file storage for attachments reached 95%. When I talked to users, they want to keep all the files for compliance puporse.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can mass download (15000) files from attachments and store in local share drive.

I can write code, do not have approval to buy anything