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Geeting error at winter 19 Platfrom Developer 1 maintenance Certification:

Challenge not yet complete in My Trailhead Playground 1
Ensure sharing rules from the calling class are enforced for the the 'UtilityClass' Apex class.

Can you please help?

I tried to complete the unit named as "Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Winter ’19) > Get Hands-on with Lightning Pages".

I am sure everything is fine. I mean, it`s very easy. But I get this error message: "The 'List View' standard component doesn't appear to be configured correctly. Double-check the instructions".

The only idea I have why it`s not working is because I did not use the standard view named as "All Open Leads". I deleted it one day so I needed to create a new one with the same name. 

Has someone an idea or the same problem? Thanks in advance.
We have an expiring self-signed certificate for our SSO platforms which prompted us to create a new one. However this new one doesn't seem to be working and we're not sure why. It's practically identical to our old one but when we for example tried uploading it to Google no one could access their Google accounts but the moment we re-uploaded the old one there were no issues.