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I want to execute a processbuilder when a button is clicked, 
my custom button is like below
User-added image

thanks you for suggestion
I am receiving "DUPLICATE_VALUE:Duplicate id specified:000000000000000AAA:-- " when upserting contacts into import wizard for any contact record that I am CREATING brand new.

For any record that was an updated record, all updates worked correctly. Even with two contacts linked to same account ID (one being an update and one being a new contact), I recieved this issue on the contact I was trying to create.

I've been trying to import lists since June and keep getting this error and multiple Salesforce rep's haven't been able to help me. Any ideas?
Has anyone tried to use the state and country picklists on a custom address field?  
Hi all,

I have created a VF page with couple of reports. These reports are filtered, based on the selection available. For now assume the filter is just the Owner Name. All works well - I have used to show the report chart and have used cacheResults="false" to ensure the reports get refreshed on load. 

Now coming to the issue I am facing - when the user clicks on the report chart the report opens in existing window/tab. I want it to be opened in new tab/window. I have tried using onclick() and < a >tag, but no luck. 

Can anybody suggest if there is a way to do this? 

Here is the very sample code - without filters - just a simple page with report chart.
     <a href='/00ON0000000LRNi' target='_blank'>
        <analytics:reportChart reportId="00ON0000000LRNi"></analytics:reportChart>

Interestingly the block becomes clickable and opens in new tab. Please note that including the filters in doesn't work for some reports. So I guess this is not the solution. Also note that there is no attributes available in reportChart to open this in new tab.

Please suggest.