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Hi all, Can somebody tell me on how to integrate Salesforce with NetSuite.We have decided to go either with Dell Boomi or Jitterbit. I am new to this integration approach and have no clue on how to get this started. Are there any written approach on the installation, migrating data to and fro? 

Can you also suggest what was the better tool based on your experience either with Boomi or Jitterbit? 

Thanks a lot :) 

Hi ,


Can anyone make recommendations of the tools available to connect Salesforce and JIRA?( This is to integrate Salesforce.com cases and JIRA issues)


Thanks in advance!!!



i want to know the detail information of salesforce data Backup.



Can anybody help me on integrating salesforce to netsuite? Do we have a working apex class to do this?


a link that i can look into will help



I am a newbie. I am looking to do integration between GP and SalesForce. 


Can somebody provide me starting inputs on how to go about it.

Any kind of documentation would help.




Hi, all


Can someone tell me which vendors provided integration product for salesforce.com? Does Oracle or IBM have? We are searching a integration vendor for our business.



Hello All,


Can any one suggest me a way to migrate data from netsuite CRM to salesforce CRM. I have no idea about netsuite CRM.


I tried exploring netsuite CRM and tried to export data using the "Full Export" functionality that is in netsuite but, unfortunately it does not export complete data from netsuite.


Is there any was to extract all the netsuite data with relationships? Can any one suggest me on the ways to migrate data from netsuite to salesforce?


Any help is greatly appreciated.



Does anyone have an Idea on the best method for migrating data from netsuite into salesforce. I am fimiliar with Salesforce but I have never worked with a Netsuite demo account. What tools would you recommend when transferring data from netsuite to salesforce? This would include all activities, notes, and attachments associated with defualt objects such as accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunites? Is infomatica the best solution for data migration?  Any useful information would be helpful. Thanks


We would like to run a local copy of the database (we have MS SQL server) to extend our report capabilities. Is there anyway to export the data from salesforce.com (sync with it) to create a local replication database?

Thank you in advance.


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