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Is there an easy way to add tooltips to lightning:input fields?  My goal is to have a small lightning:icon wedged right in front of the input field's label, which when you hover over it, displays a tooltip with text from a component attribute, v.hoverText, or some such.  A couple of questions:
Do the new base components support tooltips at all? I tried adding “title=” but I get no-such-attribute error.  I found documentation for a lightning:tooltip tag (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.lightning.meta/lightning/aura_compref_lightning_tooltip.htm), but using it in a component throws a no-such-component error.

I can follow the SLDS documentation to build an icon (without using lightning:icon) and give it a tooltip, but how do I get that icon to be on the same line with the lightning:input field’s label? Do I need fancy css to undo the natural linebreak that occurs between components?


- Randy

  • October 14, 2016
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As part of an automated sandbox refresh and re-configure process we would like to be able to set up Remote Site Settings via the API.

This appears to be published as the RemoteProxy object.

The theory is that our script will disable the existing settings, and create replacements fully configured.  It appears that we need to do this as we cannot update the existing settings.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like we can set everything up.

If we pass through everything we want to set on a create message we get:
FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION: Only the Metadata and FullName fields may be specified on RemoteProxy, or else Metadata must be excluded. Invalid field(s): [ProtocolMismatch, SiteName, IsActive, EndpointUrl]]
  fields: [ 'ProtocolMismatch', 'SiteName', 'IsActive', 'EndpointUrl' ]
If we omit the Metadata field (as the message implies we should we get:
Adding Remote Site Setting: AWS
{ [REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING: You must provide a valid Metadata field for RemoteProxy]
  fields: [] }
Does anyone know how we might set-up the Remote Site Settings via the API?