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We're migrating data and I need to set the audit fields with created date which is a datetime format field. I tried everything but it just errors out on me. My current format is: mm/dd/yyyyThh:mm:ss".000GMT+01:00" 
However, this one won't work for me. Anybody knows the right format and has an example on how to set this in formatting in Excel?

Immediate Requirement plz give approaches
I have Exported Account object records using DataLoader. ID's in the csv(Excel) file have (a0r90000008cJzaAAE) 18 digit.But i want those as (a0r90000008cJza)15 digit in the same sheet or other Excel Sheet.

I write formula "=LEFT(A2,15)", it was truncated but when i tried to copy those cell to other Excel sheet It's getting nothing like blank because it was a formula cell.

What to do?

Plz give me approaches 
  • July 08, 2015
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We created a custom field on both the Opportunity and Activities called "Next Step" <-- Long Text

I'd like to update the NEXT STEP on the OPPORTUNITY anytime an activity (Event or Task) contains a next step (or is subequently updated).

I have a text formula to which I would like to add a carriage return/line break.  I tried concatenating chr(13) and chr(10), but the validation didn't like it.  Is this possible?