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I want to hide a field in visualforce page pdf , if there is no value or '0' in it.

However, heading for the field is given in an HTML Tag ? I want that also to be hidden.

This is how code is written.

<th class="centerCell">SMD</th>

<apex:repeat value="{!Opportunity.OpportunityLineItems}" var="l">
<td class="attCell centerCell">{!l.Discount__c}</td>

Please note that thier are other fields also in the same row. But I want just the value to get hidden for this field
Getting CPU time limit exceeded error while updating cases using custom mass edit functionality.
I have created visualforce page to mass edit the cases. While updating cases I am getting CPU time limit excceded error.

I have checked debug and found it is taking time to execute process builder and workflow rule. Arround 80% time is taken by process builders and workflow rules. I tried to optimize process builder but it is not working when I am deactivating process builder, it is working fine.

What could be the isuue?
We have one bulkified trigger on custom object.
i want to use that same trigger to update all the records in the system, how can i execute the trigger which will update 1000 records in the system.