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I've seen ~~~ in many example SAQL queries but not sure why you cant just use <space>-<space>? It seemsCan someone point me to some reference material? Thanks
I'm new to einstein analytics and I keep getting the following message in the step 1. I would appreciate if someone could let me know what does the error means and how I need to fix it.

User-added image

and my SAQL Query is below, I'm not sure what is wrong as I'm still trying to learn EA.

q = load "Beattie_Subs";

cancel = group q by ('Churn_Date_Year', 'Churn_Date_Quarter');
cancel = foreach cancel generate cancel.'Churn_Date_Year' + "~~~" + cancel.'Churn_Date_Quarter' as 'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter', count() as 'New Quarter Cancellations';

cancel = group cancel by ('ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter');
cancel = foreach cancel generate cancel.'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter' as 'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter', coalesce(sum(cancel.'New Quarter Cancellations'),0) as 'New Quarter Cancellations', coalesce(sum(sum('New Quarter Cancellations')) over ([-1..-1] partition by all order by ('ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter')),0) as 'Previous Quarter Cancellations';

sub = group q by ('Subscription_Date_Year', 'Subscription_Date_Quarter');
sub = foreach sub generate sub.'Subscription_Date_Year' + "~~~" + sub.'Subscription_Date_Quarter' as 'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter', count() as 'New Quarter Subcribers';

sub = group sub by ('ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter');
sub = foreach sub generate sub.'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter' as 'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter', coalesce(sum(sub.'New Quarter Subcribers'),0) as 'New Quarter Subcribers', coalesce(sum(sum('New Quarter Subcribers')) over ([-1..0] partition by all order by ('ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter')),0) as 'Previous Quarter Subcribers';

result = cogroup sub by 'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter' full, cancel by 'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter';
result = foreach result generate coalesce(sub.'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter', cancel.'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter') as 'ActivityDate_Year~~~ActivityDate_Quarter', sum(cancel.'New Quarter Cancellations')/(sum(sub.'New Quarter Subcribers') + sum(sub.'Previous Quarter Subcribers') - sum(cancel.'Previous Quarter Cancellations')) as 'Churn Rate';


it's about the task "Set Up the Exchange Rate" in trail "Learn Admin Essentials in Lightning Experience"
My Org was set to EUR as currency. So I added USD and change my Org to USD. But I cant finish the challenge.

User-added image
And the company "United Oil & Gas, UK" was not available in my Org. So I took another one. Is that a mandatory step?
Completed the challenge.  Added the notification (see attached image) in the Wave developer org.  It looks like it did not save the first time.  Added the notification a 2nd time, as shown in screen capture. User-added image
Hello Community, 

Need some assistance with and error on a VisualSource Page Trailhead Challenge

Here is the Criteria:
Create a page which displays a subset of Opportunity fields using apex:outputField components. Bind the Name, Amount, Close Date and Account Name fields to the apex:outputField components.The page must be named 'OppView'.
It must reference the Opportunity standard controller.
It must have an apex:outputField component bound to the Opportunity Name.
It must have an apex:outputField component bound to the Opportunity Amount.
It must have an apex:outputField component bound to the Opportunity Close Date.
It must have an apex:outputField component bound to the Account Name of the Opportunity.

Here is the error I'm receiving
Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The page does not include a apex:outputField component bound to the opportunity name

Here is my code for the page:
<apex:page standardController="Opportunity" >
    <apex:pageBlock title="Opportunities">
        <apex:outputField value="{! Opportunity.Account.Name}"/>
        <apex:outputField value="{! Opportunity.Amount }"/>
        <apex:outputField value="{! Opportunity.CloseDate }"/>
        <apex:outputField value="{! Opportunity.Accountid }"/>

Please Advise Community!!