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Hi, need help in creating report - 

I have one lookup relationship fields on the Contract object. One for lookup to Account, And now i have lookup to a Account called Custom object (employess)

I want to be able to report on Accounts, Account without Contract for Active employee (Status field on Employee object = Active)

Any idea how i can create this report.

All help appreciated.
  • June 11, 2019
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I am working on the business specialist super badge and checked the challenge I finished recently:

The system said: challenge not yet complete...here is what is wrong.
There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually, this is due to some preexisting configuration or code in the challenge org. We recommend using a new developer edition to verify this challenge. If you are using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: PXPROFJA.

Using my trailhead account, there was no link for creating a new DE as I already had one. I can only create TPs. I came here and used advice received to create a DE but when the system saw my email address, it said the address is already in use. It is in use cos I am using it. I was, however, able to login to the new DE. How do I connect it to my account correctly or delete it and create a new DE in my account correctly? Thanks a lot for your help
Hello! I am trying to Pass 3 values from the URL to a Query for Conga. The document worked until I added the Multiple Values to the Ive followed the Conga document to have this is my URL:


And the query following:

SELECT fields FROM task WHERE WhatId = 'pv0' OR WhatId = 'pv1' OR WhatId = 'pv2'

When generating the Document i get this error:

'Unable to parse the query id entries, please check the URL syntax.'

What am I doing wrong or should I break up the query into 3 queries and do a query per value?
I'm trying to create a formula field that will display an image ONLY if another field is not blank. The formula is:

NOT(ISBLANK(Credit_Voucher_Balance__c)), IMAGE("/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0151P000003Qrc1","Credit Balance"),
" ")

However, the field is displaying the image whether Credit_Voucher_Balance__c (which is a text field) is blank or not. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi All,
I am working in salesfroce past 3.5 years in this time period i have changed two companies 
 because in my first company they hired for salesforce developer but they have just assinged 
 some salesforce admin related tasks and excel related work and for 1.5 years i was working with the 
 company but i have seen that no learning no proper work so i decieded to 
 leave the company and search for the good work on salesforce itself fortunatily 
 i have got job also in a company. in this company i thought i will get good exposer 
 and work and learning as well but bad luck again the same kind of data realted work in salesforce
 no live developemnet project experience and no growth. now aagin i am trying for the 
 another job where i can have live project developemnet experience but now when i attaned the interview 
 with 3+ years experience they ask everything related to developemnet coding and live project realted questions 
 so because of lack of real time project experience i am getting stuck in interview.
 please suggest me how i can move on to my carier and inhance my technical experience to get the job in MNCs. Duw to some personal problem i have to get the job ASAP.

I'm building a custom lightning component, it contains a lightning:datatable with many columns, so we need an horizontal scroll to show all the data in mobile device. On desktop and Salesforce app for Android it works fine, but in Salesforce appfor iOS the horizontal sroll is not working, is there anything extra to do with iOS to enable scroll?