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I am not a developer but can read code and update a little bit (but not much)

I am looking for a way that will allow community users viewing a Case, to "escalate" the Case. What I envision is that the customer clicks on a button called "Escalate", the customer would then document why he/she is escalating the Case and click Save. 
Upon save, a custom Case checkbox called "Escalated" would become TRUE, and the text written by the customer would display in the Comments related list (this last part is less important). The customer's text need to be visible to the internal users, obviously.

Thank you!
Going through the trailhead to install Quip in my DE and when I go to add the custom component to the leads layout it does not show up in the list of components. I've installed the Quip for Salesforce App from the App Exchange. Has anyone else seen this? 
I have a connected app I created a long time ago. I would like to add an additional callback url to the app, however I need to be 100% sure that existing users that are connected to the app will remain connected after I make this change.

Can adding a callback url somehow revoke existing connections to my app? (for example, by changing the consumer id or secret)
  • May 13, 2015
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I had developed an app using Canvas. While loading Canvas, it shows an error like,

‘“Oops, there was an error rendering Force.com Canvas application [Hello World].Your browsing session has ended or is invalid. Please re-login to Salesforce.com again.”
User-added image

The app was working fine before. But now it is frequently showing this error. But once I clear the browser cache and then try again, it works well for a while.  After some time it shows the same error.
The Access Method in the Canvas App Settings is Signed Request (POST)

The visual force page looks like,
<apex:page controller="CanvasController">
	<apex:canvasApp id="canvasFrame" applicationName="HelloWorld" parameters="{!parameters}" width="100%"/>

And the Controller looks like
public class CanvasController{
	public string parameters{get;set;}
	public Contact contactRecord;
	public void someMethod(){
		contactRecord = [SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact LIMIT 1];
		parameters = JSON.serialize(contactRecord);
Please help me if you have any idea. Thanks in advance. 
I upserted 150 records wiith salesforce data loader. The batch size was set as 200.A single record in that 150 records failed to upload but the error was shown for all the 150 and none of the record was upserted,but in a seperate incident the data loader upserted 149 records and showed error for only that one record. What is this behaviour of data loader and how can it be changed ?


I am new to salesforce.pl anyone can help me how to implement trigger for the following

        When a number is inserted, how to find that number is even/odd or prime number or armstrong or a palindrome.

Thanks in advance