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Hello all,
I'm getting the error in subject when I try to run this code:
public static void Equalize(string campaignsStr){
    string[] campaigns = (string[])JSON.deserialize(campaignsStr, list<String>.class);

    //Will hold the opportunities to update
    list<opportunity> updates = new list<opportunity>();

    //Will keep track of user ids and opp counts
    map<string, integer> owners = new map<string, integer>();	//String = OwnerID	Integer = opp count

    list<opportunity> opps = [SELECT Id, OwnerId FROM Opportunity WHERE Primary_Campaign_Filter__c IN :campaigns LIMIT 9999];
    System.debug('opps size: ' + opps.size());

    //Initializing the values of the owners map
    for(opportunity o: opps){
            owners.put(o.ownerID, owners.get(o.ownerID) + 1);
            owners.put(o.ownerID, 1);
            System.debug('Adding owner ' + o.ownerId);

    //For each opportunity, if that owner already has more than the average,
    //give it to the person with the lowest opportunity count.
    integer threshold = opps.size()/owners.size() + 2;
    for(opportunity o: opps){
        if(owners.get(o.OwnerID) > threshold){
            string lowest = GetLowest(owners);
            owners.put(o.OwnerID, owners.get(o.OwnerID) - 1);
            owners.put(lowest, owners.get(lowest) + 1);
            o.OwnerID = lowest;

    System.debug('updates size: ' + updates.size());
    try{update updates;}
    catch(exception e){
        System.debug('exception: ' + e);
I have seen solutions for Lightning Components (like https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000917DIAQ), but none that apply to Lightning Web Components. This is part of a component that has multiple other apex methods being called, and they all update fine.

Can anyone help me identify where the problem is?

Dear Community, I need your help,
I have created a lightning component and I wanted to display it in Opportunity new page. So for that, I override the "New" button on Opportunity for Mobile with a lightning component.
When a user clicks on the "New" button in salesforce one app,  After the user picks the record type. It does not going to lightning component page. 
We strongly need a lightning component page as salesforce mobile style. What can we do?

I had to write a record type  in a test class.What i did was I hard coded the record type id.Is is this a proper way or is there any alternate way to do it








Is hard coding a record type a good practice