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I am using <lightning:inputField /> for creating input field in component,I want make input is required or mandatory in lightning component.

Please provide sample code or solution around above senario.
I need to implement a scrollable data table in my current project. The way I am doing it right now is to create two tables, one only contains header, and the other one only contains body.But this methods brings in problem with alignment. I see that in lightning standard page, there are scrollable tables, so wanna ask is there a standard way doing this that won't bring about any problems?
Hi, I am having trouble with the "Attributes and Expressions" module from trailhead.

Here is the challenge:
Create a Lightning Component to display a single item for your packing list.
  • Create a component called campingListItem that displays the name (ui:outputText) and the three custom fields using the appropriate output components.
  • Add an attribute named 'item' for type Camping_Item__c.
I created an component named campingListItem and this is the code:
<aura:component >
    <aura:attribute name="item" type="<my_domain>__Camping_Item__c"/>
    <ui:outputText value="{!v.item.Name}"/>
    <ui:outputCheckbox value="{!v.item.<my_domain>__Packed__c}"/>
    <ui:outputCurrency  value="{!v.item.<my_domain>__Price__c}"/>
    <ui:outputNumber value="{!v.item.<my_domain>__Quantity__c}"/>

The error that I am getting is: "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The packingListItem Lightning Component's attribute tag doesn't exist or its attributes are not set correctly."

With this, I tried to create another component, with the name "packingListItem", but It didn't work.

Can anyone help me?

Anyone help me. How i can upload file to dropbox with dropbox api?  Thanks

   I have batch apex with http call out. functinality working good. I need to run test case for that batch apex code coverage 100% but test case failed in following line
    "HTTPResponse res = http.send(con); " (con  refers to http request). and the error is
"You have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or rollback before calling out"

please can any one help me out from this issue..

I need to refer a custom settting field in the Javascript button.

How do we refer custo setting values in Java script button code