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Hi All,

I want to create a report for object called "Study". This object is having many records and a field called version in it. when we clone a perticular record, new record form pops up with the new version ( kind of auto number ) . for e.g , if first record is of 1.0 version then cloned record will be 2.0 .

One Study record can have multiple versions and it may be a single versioned record.

I want to pull a report with the latest version study record and all older versions should be skipped (if present) from the report.

Could you please help me with the approach ? will it be possible with filters, or do I need to write controller and call it on VF page. what would be the logic for controller.

Thanks in advance.
I have university as parent object & college as child object.
There is a master-detail relationship defined on child object i.e college

I have a parent-child soql as follows
List<University__c> univList=[select Name,(select Name from colleges__r) from university__c];

Also I have a child-parent soql as follows
List<college__c> univList=[select Name,university__r.Name from college__c

when I execute the parent-child query I do not get any child related records .
Also when I execute child-parent query I do get the name of the college but the university ID I get but I want the university name also not the ID

please let me know.

Q) What should a system administrator consider when deleting a custom field? (Select 3)
a. Existing field values must be transferred to a new custom field
b. Field values should be archived before a field is deleted
c. Fields used in a workflow and assignment rules cannot be deleted
d. Deleted fields and values can be restored from the recycle bin within 15 days
e. Fields must be remove from page layouts after being deleted

Which all 3 are correct answer because I am getting different answers on different websites and posts?
  • September 14, 2016
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Hi All ,

I have a requirement to use standard aproval process functionality in visualforce page . For that I used Standard controller and showed the detail page using apex:detail tag which shows the approval process button .

But when I click on the button , it is redirecting to detail record page , Instead I need it to remain in same visualforce page where the button is clicked and showing alert box saying record is sent for approval .
Please note that I dont want to use custom approval process with apex 
Can anyone help me here?
  • August 19, 2016
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