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Hello, I got a question for retriving data. For example, if I use code like this: <apex:outputtext value="{!Case.Owner.Name}" /> and I can get a text show on my web page. But how can I know where does each value after dot come from, is that simply (object name) . (field name) . (data wanna retrive). But how can I know the exact name of data that I wanna retrive?  The example I showed is a bad example, cuz I assume that the name of data I wanna retrive maybe call Name, yet I dont know where to find it.     Thanks for helping.

Dear Friends,


I have a small query and was hoping you guys could help me out. It might be a very stupid question and i request you all to kindly bear with me.


My salesforce app, basically a case management app where all the cases are raised by the organization is connected to another application called the bridge. Whenever a case is raised at the bridge, the details are sent to salesforce through webservice calls and an XML is sent out and the same case is created at the Salesforce end.


This is working fine till now. But now the bridge people have a requirment, where they want to be able to input some special characters in long text field called the "Case notes". This field will again be transferred to the SF app.


if(BridgeCase.ListOfNotes.UserNotes != null && BridgeCase.ListOfNotes.UserNotes != '') {
            c.User_Notes__c = BridgeCase.ListOfNotes.UserNotes;//+'§'+System.now();

Now the thing is that they want to encode the special characters into UTF-8 URL encoding (i don't know what it is). They were asking if salesforce will accept the special charaters in the notes field iif sent via this encoding technique?


If not, are there any security issues involving the same.


Could any of you kindly guide me about this issue?


Thanks a ton.