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I'm trying to edit my formula field to only make it trigger if the List_A_Document__c picklist field = "List B and C Provided".

Can anyone help?

IF(Expiration_Date_of_List_C_Document__c > Acquisition_On_boarding_Application__r.Start_Date__c, 'No', 'Yes')


I created a multiselect picklist in my flow that corresponds with a multiselect picklist on my custom object. The picklist choices in the flow are mapped to the picklist choices on the custom object. The issue is that when I come across the screen in the flow it behaves like a picklist. I can't choose multiple options i tried hitting ctrl and clicking on a section option but it doens't work and I can only choose on option. I've verified that both fields are multiselect picklist fields. Anyone have any insight on a solution?  Thanks in advance
I have a decision in a flow. It's looking at a picklist field to determine one of 3 routes based on the picklist option that was selected.
List B and C provided
or default outcome.

Regardless of what I put in here the flow keeps going through the "missing" route. The picklist choices are mapped to a picklist field in my custom object. I have verified the correct field and value is being referenced and that there are no grammatical errors. I can't for the life of me understand why this decision isn't working when I have 30 other decisions that do work. Somone help me see what i'm not seeing please!User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
I have a flow with multiple picklists. When I run through the flow there is a default value but I have the fields configured in the flow to have no default value. The picklists fields in the flow are tied to picklists in my custom object and I've verified that none of the fields have a default value set. When I go to create a new record under that object the picklist fields are blank and require a selection. I  want this to be replicated in the flow, I don't want to have default values I would like to ensure each question is reviewed and if there's a default value I can't gaurantee that. Does anyone know how to set picklist fields in a flow to have no default value.
On the Opportunity record I have a quick action to create Contact roles. When I click on the quick action , I am opening a flow screen. And on that screen I need to prepopulate the Opportunity Id from where I came . What is the way ? 

I created a variable called recordID and set the type as input. Foe some reason that is not working. Any help ??