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Hi All,

I am getting the below error message on click of a Report in my VF Page :
Error message
The below is the part of the code from my VF page throwing error :
<apex:panelGrid columns="3" width="100%"  columnClasses="pbTitle, pbButton" id="panelgrid">
         <apex:pageBlock id="Chart">
                    <apex:pageBlockSection id="spendChart" title="Test Spend Data" columns="1" collapsible="true">                
                        <apex:iframe src="/apex/TestSpendDataReportPage?name={!URLENCODE(Account.Name)}" frameborder="False" scrolling="False" height="420"/>                       

Thanks for Any & All Help in Advance...!



I have few questions:


Is it possible to display the reports and dashboards in the visualforce page? If yes, can anybody provide me with some refernce.


Is it possible to mail the Reports and dashboards?  If yes, then who can be the reciepients. Is it only the salesforce users present in the org. or can we provide any email address?


How can we show reports and dashboards in a section of an objects page layout or in the related lists of the object?