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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a custom formula field where I need to insert multiple conditions.

IF ( Invoicing_type_2__c = 3, "CPM"),
IF ( Invoicing_type_2__c = 4, "vCPM"),
IF ( Invoicing_type_2__c = 5, "vCPM"),
IF ( Invoicing_type_2__c = 6, "vCPM"),

But I'm doing something wrong as I'm receiving multiple erros. (e.g. Extra ,).

Can you please help me on this topic?

Thank you,
Hi all,

I would really need your help. :(

I need to generate for my organization a PDF document (Order Insertion for our advertising campaigns). I would need to add different fields that the SF users could fill in, like: Campaign Name: xxxx , Campaign Start Date: xx/xxx/xxxx, Price: xx/CPM, etc.

Also, I need to add a header (picture- logo of the company) and a footer (contact, signature, etc).

Basically, I have the Order Insertion in a .xlsx format and I would like to transfer all the info from the Excel in Salesforce. As I understood, it could work with VisualPage creation and customization but I think I need some programmatic help.

Thank you very much for your answer,