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Hi there,

I'm currently looking for an example of where someone has created a Lightning Community and has implemented some form of "Cookie Consent" Lightning Component for their community - so in this case, we're looking at a public community, that anybody has access to.

By law in the UK, we're required to have some form of "Cookie Consent" message on any public-facing website, which a community would fall under, so I figured I'd post on here because I've not been able to find any examples of community implementations where a "Cookie Consent" component has been implemented.

If anyone has any exampes/advice to offer, it would be greatly appreciated.



Hi All,
We have created a community using Napili template. We are not able to see the Asked questions under the topics. 
Steps we followed : 
Go to the community home page --> Click "Ask Question" Button --> Select Topic Name under "Post To"  --> Submit by clicking "Ask" Button.
oncew we navigate to the related topic on Menu Bar , we are unable to see the submitted questions under Disucussion tab in Search Results. I have checked the other available list views such as "Latest Posts" but no luck.
Please do suggest.

User-added image

User-added image
Hello all,

I'm trying to complete Understand SOQL Injection trailhead and getting right result, but I cannot complete the challenge.

Simulate a SOQL Injection Attack

For this challenge, perform a SOQL injection on the search box to see information that is unintentionally exposed. Navigate to the SOQL Injection Challenge tab within the SOQL Injection application. You will see a search tool for the supply__c object. Use the search box to perform a SOQL injection which returns supplies meant for Nobles only. Hint: If you’ve done this successfully, your query should return one result containing Venison.

I have 4 correct soultions for this:
%' and Nobles_only__c=true and name != '%123
%' and Nobles_only__c=true and name = '%
%' and Nobles_only__c=true and Storage_Location__r.Name != '%
%' and Nobles_only__c=true and Storage_Location__r.Castle__r.Name != '%

All of them are giving only one record containing Venison(what is the requirement). 

Can someone help me? What I'm doing wrong?

Thank you