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Appway (https://www.appway.com/" target="_blank) is looking for You (Application Owner with extensive FF or SF background). Do you want to have a meaningful global impact and be an integral part of a fast-growing software business? Then pls apply.
Locations (working remotely tbd.): New York, Zurich, Geneva, Chiasso, London
Start: asap
Job description: see in comments
Questions: philipp.mathis@appway.com
Presently, I'm trying to work my way through the "React Native" Trailhead.
I've updated my environment to use the latest Android Studio and it even can work with either a VS emulator or Nox.
I also updated the forcedroid npm plugin.

It is no problem to do a forcedroid create.

But when I execute "npm run-script start-windows", npm complains of a missing script.
   * I can, however, get the expected result if I execute "npm start" instead.

However, once I've logged into SFDC within an emulator (it doesn't matter which), the Android application complains "Could not get BatchedBridge, make sure your bundle is packaged correctly".  If I try to reload the page, I get more verbose, but not helpful suggestions.

Then I went to look at, or rather, for, the code, but there is no index.ios,js file, no index.andoid.js file, no app.js file.... in fact, no *.js files in the entire project directory....

Any ideas why I missing things and to fix my environment so I can work through this trailhead?



Is there any way that i can search for any text in a class/page while working in Developer Console. I have a long class with thousand lines of code and need to find some specific text in that class. Browsers 'Ctr + F' does not works. It only shows me the search results from the few lines of code that is visible on the page.


Does DC provides any search text box which i am missing which i can use to search the text from my code?

  • September 14, 2012
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