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I am trying to to solve this  but i am getting this error (it is a trail head visualfoce basics) i am using visualfofce page,please help me to come out by this error.User-added image
Priya Mam 
Thanks for your reply, I want in Apex class only 
How to create Bank Class With Deposit And Withdraw Methods?
(i want to Add Min balance Condition in withdraw)
please help me


We are using Opportunity Revenue split object in the opportunity to split the revenue between two owners. But when we create the report to show my team's or my opportunities the split owner not able to see his/her opportunities in the report. Is there any ideas to resolve this.
 Hi Team
 I have a question as I cannot see all the fields for selection of an related object in the related list.
Which fields of an object are available in available fields list of a related list?
  • April 07, 2022
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