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 I am working on Security Specialist Superbadge Challenge 4. One of the requirement is 
Field-Level Security—Customer SSN and Bank Account fields on contact records must be encrypted. Any change in the Amount field on opportunity records must be recorded. I cant find Customer SSN and Bank Account fields on Contact Object.
I am not able to find the Properties Tab in the Sales app.  I have clicked on the "more" drop down menu and still do not see it.  I am in the "Admin Beginner  Data Modeling Understand Custom & Standard Objects" module.  Thanks! 

I am carefully following these instructions without any luck:  
Create a Record
Let’s create a property record to see what you did.
From the App Launcher  at the top of the page, select Sales.
Click the Properties tab in the navigation bar. If you don’t see it, look under the More drop-down.
Click New in the top corner.
Enter a name and price for the property and click Save.