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Hi Team,

Requirement : I want to display all objects last activity date using visualforce page or soql ?
Please advise how can we achieve this using SOQL or Visualforce pages?
Please let me know anyone..

Thanks in Advance
Lakshmi S
Hi All,

I need help in push source code to scratch orgs in salesforce dx.

Hi All,
I am facing Issue with "Push & Deploy Lightning Web Component File." I am getting hard time to complete this challange. For Challange I am referring to "My Trailhead Playground 1". I have installed (1) CLI (2) Visual Studio  (3) Git Hub. Below are my Queries.

1) How to Create Scratch org for "My Trailhead Playground 1" .
2) From Trailhead I am trying to Login to Developer Org / My Org, it's not happening. How to do this.
3) For Testing I just navigate to my Org & when trying to create Scratch Org I am getting error "Property 'enableSetPasswordInApi' not valid in version 45.0".
4) If I want to create Scratch Org in "My Trailhead Playground 1" how can I create.

Any help in this regard will be a great help. Please advise.

Vineet Anand