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Can anyone explain Difference between Process Builder and Flows with example ? 
Thanks in Advance. 

I set up a CMS connection in my Community.
I used these settings:
CMS Source: Drupal
Connection type public:
Server URL: https://drupdemoeight8wnpr4ekpl.devcloud.acquia-sites.com

Content list: 
- Name: List
- Path: content/rest?_format=json
- Node Path: nothing

When using the component CMS Connect JSON with the default values I see: "The server returned code HTTP 0"

I can confirm that my Rest service is well configures by testing it with Postman or even directly in the browser:

Any idea of what is wrong or how I could debug that?

Can we test the CMS connection?





We have a 3rd party webserivce that send leads from our site to SF with Lead Owner already assigned based on some coded rules. We now want to add a level of lead assignment above what this can handle, so I wrote a lead assignment rule and have activated it.


The rules seem to be completley ignored as leads are coming in, but work if a lead is edited and saved ticking the "use active assignmnet rules" checkbox. (i.e the lead assignment crieria works, but its not being triggered)


So I thought a trigger to re-run lead assignment directly after a lead has been created would be the only solution, issue is I have no coding experience (aside from one easy update trigger some guys on here helped with!)


Can anyone help? Or if another solution exists that woudl be great too!



What is MVC??


I know it as MODEL(objects) VIEW(visualforce) CONTROLLER(apex).



Why we will call as MVC, and if some one asks what is MVC what definition i can tell.


What is the use of MVC architecture??

  • August 07, 2012
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I must be missing something..


The date is always 1 day behind when formating like so:


datetime xDate = o.campaign_start_date__c;
String xxDate = xDate.format('yyyy-dd-MM');
system.debug('sdate :' +xxDate);


I set the above field to 8/16/2011


and in debug it shows up as: 2011-15-08


Everytime I change it the debug value is shown as 1 day behind.. Im sure I could to +1, but could someone help me understand why this is happening?


Jacob Davis

  • August 18, 2011
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