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Hi All and Anyone who can help :-) We are due to go live with our site later today and I have an issue with the web chat styling and screens changing and case automation disappearing with the installation of custom chat buttons.  I had some assistance from Salesforce support with the web chat set up and it working. They said to follow the documentation steps for the custom chat buttons which we did and then after deploying the code the custom chat buttons, the pop up chat screen, pre-chat form and styling from the Embedded Service Deployment were replaced with a rudimentary chrome chat pop up and no pre-chat as previously configured. Cases no longer autogenerate and a chat transcript window replaces the other case/chat configuration. We don't know why this happened but need URGENT assistance here.
We can delete the code and go back to the standard included buttons with embedded chat but we don't understand why this happened and why we can't connect it to our custom chat button.
These are the steps we followed:
1. Followed Salesforce Documentation Instructions to install Custom Chat Buttons.
2. Added Chat Button Code to Staging Site Pages.
3. Added Chat Deployment Code (Javascript) to Staging Site Pages - this finally changed the button but then replaced the other components.
There were no error message just complete change. Documentation reads as though embedded chat is an extension of Live Agent. Are they two different things?

Thanks for anything you can offer.
Can someone please give the complete Visualforce page code? Cannot get mine to work.