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Hai Guys,
I want to know what is the size of list can any one tell me please
So right now i am setting my url with this line...

<apex:iframe src="https://testbeta.mrm.mm.com:9248/UniversalRequestForQuote/rc/USA/Requests/Copy/SFDC/{!quoteNumber}/{!cloneQuoteNumber}/{!cloneTitleCode}?name={!cloneQuoteName}" scrolling="true" id="cloneIframe" />

the parameter that is coming in, named cloneQuoteName, can sometimes be thrown off by characters such as "&", which will cut off a portion of the quote request name... so if a user enters in test&name, the result will just be test.

I don't know the syntax of how to do it, can someone show me how to use URLENCODE function, i believe is the one i need to use??

do i just do it to the one parameter or to the whole line???

please help!

I would like to know which all operation it is guarenteed that System.Isbatch() will be true. 

Data inserted from dataloader or other data migration tools / third party software.
Batch Apex?
Any other API?

Hi All,



When I use following code I see date in  "Wed Feb 11 00:00:00 GMT 2009" format



<apex:column width="10%"> <apex:facet name="header"> <apex:commandLink action="{!search}" value="Close Date" id="cmdSort2"> <apex:param value="o.CloseDate" name="column" assignTo="{!sortExpression}" ></apex:param> </apex:commandLink> </apex:facet> <apex:outputLabel value="{!opp.CloseDate}" /> </apex:column>



When I use 

<apex:column value="{!opp.CloseDate}" width="10%"/>


, it displays date in "mm/dd/yyyy" .


What I need to do to display date in "mm/dd/yyyy" format using outputLabel?


Are there any functions in Visualforce expression to support this..









Has anyone needed to convert a string variable to integer? I need to code a verification digit function, and I am getting the digits from a string with the substring function. Next to that, I need to convert each 'text' number to integer for multiplication.
Here is a sample of what I need...
public static boolean CUITVerification(String cuit)
       if(cuit.length() != 11)
          return false;
       String xx1 = cuit.substring(1,1);
       Integer x1 = xx1;
       x1 = x1 * 5;

       if(x1 == 10)
          return true;


 to anyone who can help me...thanks