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I have a Force.com site set up, which will be used by un-authenticated users. My site automatically has two domians associated with it


Since users will be making purchases (using a credit card) through this site, I would like to force them to use the secure version. The URL Redirect settings on the site don't allow me to do redirects at the domain level, however, and the documentation that I have found regarding forcing HTTPS refers to users who are logged in. 

Is there a way to redirect un-authenticated users to https://mydomain.secure.force.com when they attempt to access http://mydomain.force.com?
  • February 27, 2014
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I have a list I need to sort by a primary key as well as a secondary key - I tried ORDER BY fieldName AND fieldNAME as well as ORDER BY fieldName AND BY fieldName - neither one compiled on save. 


Any ideas?