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Hello All,
How can I retrieve specific custom metadata records from an org.
I use this syntax for specifc fields

sfdx force:source:retrieve -m CustomField:Object.CustomField__c

But what is the syntax for a custom metadata record?


Is it possible to somehow query and find who's touched specific flexipages?

Hi All,

How can i access a parent record more than 5 levels above in a SOQL query?

Thanks and Regards,

Bharath Kumar M

Hi ,

I am inserting records into the opportunityShare object programtically thru a trigger, while inserting the record I am setting the userOrGroupID field in the oppotunityShare to a public group.  When I change the owner of the opportunity, all these sharing records get deleted. While if I change any other field on the opportunity, the records in the opportunityShare object are intact.


Could anyone please let me know as to why this behaviour is happening?? And how can we avoid this?