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Hi Everyone,

I want to know the scenarios where we would want to keep the batch size lowest as poosible, maybe even 1. 

Thanks in advance!
Could someone explain to me in layman's terms that what is the meaning of cumulative timeout for callouts be a single Apex transaction, starting with what is exactly timeout? Also a scenario would really help where this limit can be exceeded and how to avoid it.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Salesforce Experts,

I've below JSON : 

  "records": [
      "childprods": [
          "grandchilds": [
              "Name": "Apple TV 1"
              "Name": "Apple TV 2"

Now I want to deserialize this JSON and convert it into wrapper, and get the value of key 'Name' whose value is 'Apple TV 2'.

I've used below code to deserialize it and convert it into wrapper: 

public class recordWrapper(){
    public class grandchild(){
        public String Name;
    public class childprod(){
        public List<grandchild> grandchilds;
    public class record(){
        public List<childprod> childprods; 
    public List<record> records;

String jsonBody2 = '{"records": [{"childprods": [{"grandchilds":[{"Name": "Apple TV 1"},{"Name": "Apple TV 2"}]}]}]}';

recordWrapper deserializeResults2 = (recordWrapper) JSON.deserialize(jsonBody2, recordWrapper.class);


Below is the value of deserializeResults2 :
deserializeResults2--recordWrapper:[records=(record:[childprods=(childprod:[grandchilds=(grandchild:[Name=Apple TV 1], grandchild:[Name=Apple TV 2])])])]

Could you please tell me how to get the Name (with value Apple TV 2) through VF as well as apex.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Salesforce Experts,

Could you please tell me how to write a program to check if two strings are anagram of each other in Apex?

Thanks in Advance.
Hi Lightning Experts,

I'm dsplaying my object records in a lightning datatable in checkboxes and pagination. I'm facing below 2 issues:
1. If I'm selecting some checkboxes on a page and moving to another page using pagination, the checked checkboxes are getting unchecked. 
2. I'd like to show all the checked checkboxes first in the datatable and then all the unchecked.(sort by checked checkboxes) after I save the changes.

Kindly suggest the solutions to above questions. Thank you in advance.
Hi Salesforce Lightning Experts,

I am trying to navigate to a record by clicking on the link in lightning:tile as shown below:

User-added imageI am trying to call the JS controller from 'href' attribute and trying to use <lightning:navigation/> to navigate to the record as shown below But it is not working : 

<lightning:navigation aura:id="navigation"/>
<lightning:tile label="{!emp.Name}" href="{!c.navigateToAlert}">

To me, it looks like we cannot call JS controller from href. Can someone explain a way to navigate to the particular record. It is to be kept in mind that I'm showing multiple lightning:tiles by iterating over a list. So navigation will be dynamic based on the record we are clicking.

Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.
Hi Everyone.

I'm new to lightning and trying to open a datatable in a modal(popup). I have a requirement where when i check a checkbox, then a modal should open where data will be displayed from a certain object. I cannot figure out how to achieve this. I'm only able the display the datatable on the same page as of checkbox, and not in the modal.

Kindly siggest a solution. Thank you in advance.
I am using the below code, I get record id as null,harecordid not working.In lightning builder I placed my component.
<aura:component implements="force:hasRecordId,flexipage:availableForRecordHome,flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes " access="global" >
    Case Id is {!v.recordId}

We are using scratch orgs for our development and are facing very peculiar issue. Even when Knowledge feature is already ENABLED in the orgs, when we are pushing the code to our org or even when we are running simple query on SObject Knowledge__kav object.

Query below is giving this error
SELECT Id, Title FROM Knowledge__kav

Error: sObject type 'Knowledge__kav' is not supported

Pushing code with a Tab attached to standard Knowledge__kav object to scratch org is giving error:
no CustomObject named Knowledge__kav found

Any help is highly appreciated.