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I'm getting the below error (from an apex code) that shows a user id that I cannot find a user with that ID "0051p00000AWcQc" how is this possible? 

looked in the user list (non-active also) and ther is no such user in this org. 

Apex script unhandled trigger exception by user/organization: 0051p00000AWcQc/00D24000000JGdl
So I have many jobs that is scheduled to run. I would like to stop the scheduled job for a few hours just for one day. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can provide details if needed.

No one else in my org has this issue and I have never encountered it before. I am able to search for and view converted leads records, in addition to seeing the newly created Contact record. All of my integrated tech follows/logs the Contact as having been converted in a normal fashion. Even if I input the Contact ID into the URL directly, I'm brought to the converted Lead page. This happens in both Lightning and Classic.

Any help is appreciated
As i want edit fields on task 

1) The task is created by user who's role stands above me.with different profile
& i want to edit his task record fields. can anyone let me know the possiblities 

Error: Insufficient Privalage when i trying to edit
Hi, I have a question about a workflow rule I have made, which are not working. 

The purpose of the workflow rule is to change an field in Contact everytime it is edited or a Contact is created. 

The rule criteria is that the field should be change when it is not equal to another field in another object which is a custom object. 

The Rule Criteria is made as a formula, and look like this:

Stripe_Status_Contact__c != TEXT( Payment_Agreement_Household__r.Stripe_Status__c)

The Stripe Status field in Contact and in the custom object Payment Agreement Household are the same, which are of type picklist.

In the workflow rule I have created an Immediate Action of type Field Update which I want to set the Stripe_Status__C field in Contact to the field Stripe_Status__C in Payment_Agreement_Household__r.

The formula looks like this: TEXT(Payment_Agreement_Household__r.Stripe_Status__c)

Because it i written: "Formula Value (Text) =" over the formula editor I should just give the value it should change to in the formula. 

There is no syntax errors in the workflow rule, but when I test it, the rule does not work, sadly. 

I much appreciate the help! Thank you! 

Good Morning all,

I'm new to Apex, I want to know the difference between the following two statements regarding sObjects -
1. List<Account> a = new list<Account>();
2.Account a = new Account();
please explain me the difference.


Thanks in advance,
Harsha Deepthi

Hi Team,

Through the lightning Flows i need to update the look-up field with filter condition:
 Opportunity >type='Professional Service' AND the Account Name= Account Name(Self Loop-Up Relation).



Greetings of the day!!!

I create a country picklist into contact object in Sales app and i want to use it into lightning component to select a country from the <select> in the form,

I am not getting, how I can call a picklist into a lightning component from.

<lightning:select aura:id="NewCon" label="Course" name="NewCon" type="String" value="{!v.NewCon.CourseCategory__c}" required="true"/>

I am trying to add a table within a table , from what I can see I have added the block and the table but I am getting the following error

Error: <apex:column> must be the direct child of either <apex:dataTable> or <apex:pageBlockTable>

<apex:page controller="AddingChildController" >
<apex:form >
    <apex:variable var="rowNum" value="{!0}" />
    <apex:pageBlock title="Weekly Time Sheets">
    <apex:pageBlock >
        <apex:variable var="rowNum" value="{!0}" />
        <apex:PageBlockTable value="{!childList}" var="int">
        <apex:facet name="footer">
            <apex:commandLink value="Add" action="{!insertRow}"/>
            <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!childList}" var="int">
        <apex:column headerValue="Pay Run">
                <apex:inputField value="{!int.Pay_Run__c}"/>                                      

        <apex:column breakBefore="true" colspan="2">
            <apex:column headerValue="Lead Generator">
                <apex:inputField value="{!int.Lead_Gen__c}"/>                                      
            <apex:column headerValue="Pay Run">
                <apex:inputField value="{!int.Pay_Run__c}"/>                                      
            <apex:column headerValue="Monday">
                <apex:inputField value="{!int.Monday__c}"/>
            <apex:column headerValue="Tuesday">
                <apex:inputField value="{!int.Tuesday__c}"/>
            <apex:column headerValue="Wednesday">
                <apex:inputField value="{!int.Wednesday__c}"/>
            <apex:column headerValue="Thursday">
                <apex:inputField value="{!int.Thursday__c}"/>
            <apex:column headerValue="Friday">
                <apex:inputField value="{!int.Friday__c}"/>
             <apex:column headerValue="Delete">
            <apex:commandLink style="font-size:15px; font-weight:bold; text-align:center;color:red;" value="X" action="{!delRow}">
                <apex:param value="{!rowNum}" name="index"/>
                <apex:variable var="rowNum" value="{!rowNum+1}"/>
    <apex:pageBlockButtons >
        <apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!insertChild}"/>

Any Ideas ?
Hi  All,
When we are executing batch apex, few records are not inserted to the database due to some invalid data (let say 10 out of 100000 records are failed) how to process those 10 records. 

Thank you,
Hi everyOne.

How to show the standard date time functionality in vf page.

User-added imagesame like this how can i created in visual force page with select list of time 8:00AM to 7:00PM with the interval of 15 mintues.

if any one have idea please help me with syntax.

thanks inadvance.
I have one scenario - Whenever new child get inserted existing child records get update for the same Parent.
trigger IsLatestAtt on Attended__c (after insert) {
Class Code:
public class IsLatestAttClass {
    public static void met(List<Attended__c> att)
Set<id> ids = new Set<id>();
        for(Attended__c obj:att)
            obj.IsFirst_Contact__c = true;
 List<Attended__c>  abb =   [SELECT Name,IsFirst_Contact__c,STD_lookup__r.Name FROM Attended__c WHERE Attended__c.STD_lookup__c IN: ids];
       List<Attended__c> attlist = new List<Attended__c>();
       List<Attended__c> attlistnew = new List<Attended__c>();
        for(Attended__c obj:abb)
            if(obj.IsFirst_Contact__c == true)
                obj.IsFirst_Contact__c = false;

        update attlist;

Error: When i try to update existing child records it is throwing error. (IsLatestAtt: execution of AfterInsert caused by: System.FinalException: Record is read-only Class.IsLatestAttClass.met: line 9, column 1 Trigger.IsLatestAtt: line 2, column 1)
Please can anyone help...!
How to enable a contact as both a partner and customer. Any Ideas
Dear Team ,

Greetings !!!

Please clarify me how   <aura:attribute name="mycolumns" type="List"/>

Type=List will works in Attribute how it is different from array.
Dear Team ,

Greetings !!!

I write a code to pull data on datatable in Lightning component . On Helper.js file i write following code :

  action.setCallback(this, function(response){
            var state = response.getState();
            if (state === "SUCCESS") {
                // Alert the user with the value returned
                // from the server

                component.set("v.acctList", response.getReturnValue());

I am unable to unserstand how  response.getState(); works and how   component.set("v.acctList", response.getReturnValue()); works .

Please describe me in wasy way how response.getReturnValue() gets populated .

Thanks & Regards
Sachin Bhalerao
Usually a very quick 5 min task for me to build out a flow to create some records of particular objects.  This time I want to do this from a Community and I want to cereate a record from a external object.  The flow runs but never creates the record.  

A record is ready to be created when the next screen, pause, or local action is executed or when the interview finishes.
{!vRecordID} = null

What do I need to do for a external object to get ths to work?
Hi all,

I'm getting the above error message when clicking a custom "Book Now" button on a custom Visualforce page that was added to a managed package (which I don't have edit access to).  The managed package is a TimeTrade meeting scheduling app. 

The workflow process is basically this: An internal user sets up a meeting invitation template by selecting from a set of fields in a lightning component set on a client's Contact page.  Clicking a submit button on the component then creates invitation and meeting custom objects, and sends the user to The VF page.  The VF page allows the user to then further customize time/date and schedule a meeting with the client through the "Book Now" button.

I've checked the debug logs for failures and all of the custom objects for unique field issues.  Everything seems to be working properly.  I just can't update the meeting from the VF page to set date and time (though I can "Save" and "Cancel" the edits).  I think the issue has to do with some code on the VF page trying to re-insert an already existing meeting, but I'm too new to Salesforce to figure out if that's the case or how to fix it.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Screenshot of the error below:

User-added image



following is my code:

public PageReference sendEmailMethod(){
        List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage> message = new List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage>();
            update email;
        }catch(Exception e){
            ApexPages.addMessage(new ApexPages.message
            (ApexPages.severity.Warning,'An error occured while sending email'+e));
            return null;
        String body = '';
        for(integer i=0;i<wrapperBooks.size();i++){
            if(wrapperBooks[i].isSelected == true){
                Messaging.SingleEmailMessage msg = Messaging.renderStoredEmailTemplate(email.Id, wrapperBooks[i].book.Author__r.Id, wrapperBooks[i].book.Author__r.Id);
        System.debug('You have made ' + Limits.getEmailInvocations() + ' email calls out of ' + Limits.getLimitEmailInvocations() + ' allowed');
            System.debug('Email sent Success fully to:'+message.size());
            PageReference ref = new PageReference('/apex/booksDetails');
            return ref;
        catch(Exception e){
            ApexPages.addMessage(new ApexPages.message
            (ApexPages.severity.Warning,'An error occured while sending email'+e));
            return null;

Can someone tell me how to fix this. I want to send bulk emails. I am in my developer org.

Scenario: I currently have an Action associated with the Account object that creates a new Opportunity, with fields mapped to that new Opportunity, from the Account where the user clicks the Action. I am attempting to replicate an existing business process that uses a URL hack embedded in a JavaScript button in classic. The action does everything that I need it too, except for navigating to the newly created Opportunity.

Question: Is there a method using Flows, Process Builder, or some other means, to make a 'Create a Record' Action automatically navigate to the newly created record, without the user needing to click a link in the related list, after the Action runs?

Note: I am trying to do this without writing any code, using only Administration.

I am trying to allow full priviledges for three users on my development org, so that they have the ability to access and edit every aspect of the environment the same as I (the admin/account owner) can. I was able to do this for one other user, but when I try to add these permissions to the profiles of the other three, the option does not appear in the drop-down menu. These three profiles have a Standard Platform User License, which I believe is what is preventing me from granting administration privileges. How do I fix this so that I can assign full privileges to all users?
I have json arrya as follows inside lightning component controller

 var allResultsArray=JSON.stringify(component.get("v.allResults"));

[{"Name":"Cardiology","Code":"839"},{"Name":"Pediatric Cardiology","Code":"824"},{"Name":"Cardiothoracic Surgery","Code":"701"},{"Name":"Interventional Cardiology","Code":"726"},{"Name":"Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery","Code":"707"}]

var isName,isCode;

I want to read the Name and Code in variables

I am doing as follows

for(var i=0;i<allResultsArray.length;i++)
  isName =allResultsArray[i].Name;

But I am not able to get the vauies of Name  and Code from the above json array

please let me know how I can achieve this.


Hi Team,

Requirement : I want to display all objects last activity date using visualforce page or soql ?
Please advise how can we achieve this using SOQL or Visualforce pages?
Please let me know anyone..

Thanks in Advance
Lakshmi S
I'm wrtting a trigger which restricts an account to be deleted if it has opportunities. Below is the Apex class & trigger.

Apex Class:
public class RestrictAccountDeleteClass
public static void RestrictAccountDelete(list<account>AccList)
list<account> OldAccList = new list<account>();
OldAccList = [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Opportunities ) FROM Account WHERE Id IN : AccList];
for(Account a : OldAccList)
a.addError('Cannot delete account as it has associated opportunities');

trigger RestrictAccountDeleteTrigger on Account (before delete) {
if(trigger.isBefore==true && trigger.isDelete==true){

When I try to delete a record, it gives the following error: Validation Errors While Saving Record(s)
There were custom validation error(s) encountered while saving the affected record(s). The first validation error encountered was "Apex trigger RestrictAccountDeleteTrigger caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: RestrictAccountDeleteTrigger: execution of BeforeDelete caused by: System.FinalException: SObject row does not allow errors: Class.RestrictAccountDeleteClass.RestrictAccountDelete: line 11, column 1".

Can someone please let me know where I am going wrong?
I'm getting the below error (from an apex code) that shows a user id that I cannot find a user with that ID "0051p00000AWcQc" how is this possible? 

looked in the user list (non-active also) and ther is no such user in this org. 

Apex script unhandled trigger exception by user/organization: 0051p00000AWcQc/00D24000000JGdl
I have clumsily set the incorrect default community domain name. Is it possible to change the domain name? Salesforce Support cannot help but implied that it can be done.
Any help appreciated!
So I have many jobs that is scheduled to run. I would like to stop the scheduled job for a few hours just for one day. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can provide details if needed.