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Hello! Does anyone know a ML AI chatbot with easy integration to Salesforce?

I've run into a problem with one of my visualforce pages where I'm hitting this 128k viewstate size limit--I need some pointers on how to avoid it.


My page is used to display forms back to my users in a PDF. I've built the forms out in HTML tables with <apex: outputfield> components to display the data. My data structure is set up so that the user creates a Master Object, and then can create and number of child objects, which are the forms. Some of the forms have over 200 fields on them, but a requirement is that the user can display ALL forms they have filled out and print them in one page.


To accomplish this, I have an <apex:repeat> component on my page where the repeat variable is ALL the child records to this master object. This allows me to use the standard controller for the master object, then repeat through all the child objects and display their contents. I'm severely limited right now because once I create more than 5 forms, I start getting this viewstate error. I'm not using a custom controller, so I'm not really sure what I can do on my page to decrease this size, or handle it better. Please let me know if you have a solution!