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Lets say you have two tasks A and B.  B is dependant on A.  I want B's Due Date to be X number of days after A is completed.  Right now with Action Plan B's start date is X number of day from the Action Plans start date.  This won't due and doesn't really make sense to me.  In the real world if task B is truly dependant on task A and task B tasks 4 days to complete than task B's due date should = A.CompletedDate + 5 days.


I have already modified Action Plan to record the actual completed date of a task, I added a custom field to APTasks that stores the date the user set as the due date when they completed the task.  So I have that date and now I need have the Action Plan create Task B using the Completed date of task A plus X number of days. 


Anyone know how to do this. I have been staring at the code for hours and I am not sure where in the ActionPlansTaskTriggerUtilities() class I need inject some code to get this to work.

  • October 04, 2012
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