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I have a trigger to check the duplicate records in salesforce..its working fine when I'am inserting a duplicate record manually, So it is throwing the "dublicates record found" error mesage,
Now when i'm deleting that record from salesforce and
when I'm trying to upload the same record twice (created 2 rows containing same data in my input csv file) by workbench, trigger is not getting fired ,and it is successfully inserting both the records with the same data to salesforce, whereas the expectation is first row data should get inserted and for second row, it should throw the error(because its a dublicate data).

Can anyone please help me out with this ?
So I want to restrict my records for displaying across other Apps. Like, one Account record (let say, record1) should be visible in sales app but not in Marketing app .

Can we achieve this ? 
I am new to Sales force. I have a query while migrating meta data of Sales force Org(PRD) to Another Org(PRD). 
Can we have a Rollback chance for Migrated/Deployed Meta data using Force.com IDE?
I mean it is like versioning. Can we revert back to previous version of Meta data?

Vijay Kodali.
Sales force Developer.