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Unable to pass tests for 2nd Challenge for Security Specialist Superbadge.

Using Apex Test Execution -- 

Error Message: 
System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject

Log Details (from Dev Console):
10:57:19:010 SOQL_EXECUTE_BEGIN [132]|Aggregations:0|SELECT Id, Name FROM Profile WHERE Name = :tmpVar1
10:57:19:015 SOQL_EXECUTE_BEGIN [133]|Aggregations:0|SELECT Id FROM UserRole WHERE Name = :tmpVar1

Details of my configuration - 

Roles: Field Sales, Inside Sales, Sales Executive User 

Active Users: 
Cordero, Samantha with Role as Field Sales and Profile as Field Sales User
Myself as the System Admin

Public Group:
Project Managers - Field Sales Role, User = Samantha Cordero

*Test Opportunities are owned by Samantha Cordero*

Sharing Settings:
Org. Wide Defaults
Internal Access = Private
External Access = Private
Sharing Rules
(Opportunity: StageEQUALSClosed Won) AND (Opportunity: TypeEQUALSExisting Customer - Upgrade) Group: Project Managers Read Only
Owner in Role: Field Sales shared with Role: Inside Sales Read/Write
Owner in Role: Sales Executive User shared with Role: Inside Sales Read Only
I am not sure what other information to provide but this all seems relevant to the error I received in the log in the Developer Console. This is driving me crazy because I feel like I have done every possible thing with no successful outcome, several times. 

Is there something wrong with my configuration settings? Is there something else I should be looking at?

Very lost at this point. Should I try uninstalling the package and re-installing? Or...

Please advise, thanks!
I don't know why, but Trailhead does not see that I've setup a user Samantha Cordero with the profile Field Sales User. I've create the Field Sales User profile, created the user Samantha Cordero, activate the user, generate a password, and logged in as the user. I even logged in as her in Salesforce 1, but I still get this message:
error message
Here is what her user detail page:
User-added image
Field Sales User profile:
User-added image